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  • Product Consulting

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    Customer Research

    Find your ideal customer

    Have a great business or product in need of customers? I'll use experimentation and hypotheses to determine who is most in need of your product or service. Using a combination of techniques over a structured time period, I will reach out to the market and see who is most responsive. I will collect quantitative and qualitative data, and deliver a Market Validation Report that details who your customers are, who they are not, and the general sentiment around your offering.

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    Product Strategy

    Turn your tech into market position

    Got a cutting edge technology, but you are unsure how to get it into the hands of customers? Looking to introduce new products or features to expand into new verticals? I will help you explore the needs of various markets and land on a viable product strategy for driving new revenue through evidence-based strategic insight related to customer pain points, pricing levers, and general market appetite. Once the work is complete, you'll be left with a strategic product roadmap that lays the framework for building, packaging, and delivering a new product to the customers that need it.

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    MVP Development

    Breathe life into your idea

    Starting a new tech venture but don't know your way around the tech part? No matter what stage you are at, I can help you get up and running. From proof of concept to the minimum viable product to start selling to your customers, I'll gather your requirements and manage the process to get a functioning piece of software in your hands while you focus on the work and relationships required to run your business.

  • User Experience Consulting

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    Testing & Analysis

    Assess your customers’ experience

    Want to dig deeper into how your product works? I will walk through the entire customer journey from purchase to onboarding to exploring configurations and feature sets and any other user touchpoints. For an inside look, I can help you integrate a measurement framework or look at your existing analytics to find insights into your current users’ behavioral flow. In the end, you'll receive a Heuristic Analysis Report that points out the strengths and weaknesses of the current experience and highlights opportunities to improve it for greater engagement and satisfaction.

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    User Research

    Hear directly from your users

    Prefer to hear straight from users themselves? I can deploy any number of user feedback tactics to understand how well your product is working for the human beings that use it. From user interviews to remote testing sessions and software-based feedback mechanisms, I have the methods to validate the effectiveness of any user interface or product feature, and compile a User Report that details what users like, what they love, and what needs to be changed to make your product a delight to use.

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    Interface Design

    Put UX insights into action

    You have analysis & user input, now what? It’s time to put box to arrow and put a user-friendly face on your product. Whether we’re starting from scratch or rethinking an existing interface, I will take you from whiteboard to wireframe to clickable prototype with weekly work-in-progress feedback loops to ensure alignment with your vision.

  • Marketing

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    Brand Development

    Make a name for yourself

    Want to stand out from the crowd? Let's delve deep into the core values behind your business vision, and create an unforgettable brand together. I can lead you through a discovery program that will surface the unique positioning of your product or service and supply you with a Brand Book which you can use to power a consistent company culture and market communications—complete with naming and logos if you need them.

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    Campaign Strategy

    Capture minds and win hearts

    Looking to attract more business? I will create a plan that you can use to increase exposure, drive traffic to your online and social presence, and ultimately convert more people into your customers. Using storytelling methods we can take your customers on a journey from where they are to where you want them to be, informing them about your value proposition along the way. When we're done, you'll have a Campaign Playbook with a goal-driven roadmap to guide your way.

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    Execution & Automation

    Let's get it done.

    So uh, who is going to do all of this marketing stuff? I can design, build, and deliver web sites, landing pages, email campaigns, social ads, search engine optimization, logo designs, animations, promo videos, guerrilla campaigns, events—or put a team on it and keep you updated. Once you get set up with a strategy that works, I can integrate some automated systems to do the grunt work for you at a fraction of the cost.

  • Rates & Fees

    Pay da Co$t to Work with Ross

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    Hourly Charges

    Time is all it takes

    For most all-purpose work, I charge an hourly rate. Once we're all set up, it'll cover further calls and task execution, all preceded by an estimate

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    Day Rate

    Let me come to you

    Whether it's a week-long curriculum or a day or two of training, some work can only be done in person, let me come to you at a preset day rate—whenever you need some help I'll be there.

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    Project Fee

    I love it when a plan comes together

    When a project includes SaaS subscriptions, outside talent, or other budgeted items, I'll put together a detailed breakdown of all costs.